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Thread: Legit Apples?

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    Question Legit Apples?
    I've been browsing ebay lately for a new G5 . . . there are people selling brand new g5 machines with 30" cinema displays for $1100-$1200 . . . is anyone aware as to how people are able to get ahold of these new machines and resell so cheap? Other than obviously stolen? Alot of the sellers are from overseas . . .but claim the machines all have warranties, and they show pictures of the serial numbers, and use PayPal.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of any of this? Are there any known scams as too where these machines may come from and any reasons for me to stay away?

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    Saw something similar a few weeks ago.

    It appears the seller was legit but the offer wasn't.

    Seller altered ad to state he was NOT offering the item, to NOT bid on the item, that somehow his account had been hacked and that ebay had been notified.

    Then the listing vanished a few hours later w/o comment from ebay.

    There's a similar type ad as the first now on ebay (as of 3 hours ago) with similar update from a different seller. Both listed London as shipping point.

    Makes one wonder.

    Anyway - if it's too good to be true it usually is.


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