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Thread: No antivirus is nothing more than fanboy idealism

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    Quote Originally Posted by urbanman2004 View Post
    I'm sure from Mr. Kaspersky's point of view, it's obviously a ploy to sell more of 'his' product, but I wanted to touch on the idea that Macs are behind in Anti-virus protection, hence my motive behind displaying the article link.
    It's an interesting article. Thanks for linking it! Knowledge is power!

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    There's another thread here where a user seemed to be having a problem with Safari being hijacked by adware. I ran across something another member here posted with links to an adware removal tool, so I ended up suggesting that. It appears to have resolved that person's problem. The thread for everyone's reading pleasure:

    An article on Safe Mac:
    The Safe Mac Mac adware menace continues

    And Safe Mac's Adware Removal Tool:
    The Safe Mac Adware Removal Guide

    So... *ahem*... what was that I was saying about XProtect not being infallible? *toots horn*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lifeisabeach View Post
    Funny how he makes this claim, yet fails to actually explain WHY he thinks it.
    While I join you in thinking he's being a bit sensationalist (and likely trying to serve his own interests), I think he's right in suggesting that Apple is behind in being mentally prepared for such a problem. The only advantage MS has in this area is that they're used to dealing with malware, Apple isn't. The lethargic response to the FlashBack problem and the destructive Java exploit of a few years back are perfect examples of this. Thankfully, Apple seems to be more proactive as of late (inclusion of XProtect and the removal of the "virus free" tagline from their website are starts).
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    Quote Originally Posted by zyepod View Post
    This has been an interesting read as I'm running Sophos because of Flashback and am now seriously thinking I've been wasting resources in doing so. Makes me wonder about Chrome because of MacInWinn's statement about sites reporting back to Google are you opening a door that wouldn't be if using Safari?
    This is one of the reasons I have really come to enjoy my mac's, Microsoft internet explorer just sucks too badly to even use it...even in windows 7 ultimate, that I had to resort to Google Chrome, I really am not a fan of anything Google with some of their practices, one of the reasons I cannot wait to get rid of my android phone and get the iPhone 6 plus. Safari serves my purposes perfect and it is so nice not to have to use google's browser just to access the internet reliabily. still use google as a search engine since i have not found one i like better yet but as soon as i do i will quit using google for that too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pitbull60077 View Post
    still use google as a search engine since i have not found one i like better yet but as soon as i do i will quit using google for that too.

    Have a look at DuckDuckGo, she ain't pretty but damn it's fast.

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    So still looking for that Mac virus that supposedly exists ... would be very happy to have anyone send me their "Mac virus" ... been making this offer for over a decade, nobody has managed it so far ...

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