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Thread: Apple and Java

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    Apple and Java

    I have downloaded a video course that is based on a Java Platform.

    I had written to the company citing this article from two years ago: I dumped Java two years ago: Apple drops Java after experts warn Mac users on its security | Reuters

    They wrote:

    "Concerning the article you are citing: The article you are referring to is 2 years old and thus, absolutely outdated. It refers to the in-browser version of Java, which you do not need for our courses.
    Why Java: Java is needed to install the course. Our courses are more than just video. They run in an environment that integrates the video with many resources and provides many tools for working with the courses. Putting this onto your computer is more complex than just copying some files. That's what the Java-based installer does for you, and there is absolutely no security issue here."

    Is there still a serious security concern with Java?

    This is the most recent I have been able to locate: Java updates available for OS X on August 28, 2013

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    It's still has a reputation for being insecure (as far as I know) but it's probably not going to cause much harm as long as you practice safe computing (not opening shady files, not clicking on questionable links, not browsing shady sites, etc).
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    Suggest using Java 2014-001:-

    Java for OS X 2014-001
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