I purchased a Palm Z22 over the weekend. It is the $90 Palm device and my first adventure into PDAs.

I am using iCal and Address book on my iMac and wish to sync them to my Palm.

I followed the instructions with iSync and got everything to sync, however there are differences on my Palm, they are minor annoyances, but I would like the sync to truly be sync'd.

First off, on iCal, I have several different "calendars" all color coded. One for each member of the family, plus birthdays and anniversaries. iSync lumped them all under one category on my Palm. Is there a way around this?

In the contacts section, the Palm has all of the home addresses from Address Book listed as work. Birthdays also did not sync over into the Palms contact list, however they are on the calendar from iCal.

Are there settings in iSync that will fix these things, or perhaps a newer version of iSync?

Or will The Missing Sync from Markspace take care of these.

Thanks again - Jeremy