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    New Transformers AoE movie.
    So what does everything think about the new Transformers movie?

    I personally thought it was the best yet. The first was great, but that was more because it was the first and the animation was more eye candy then anything. That said the first did seem to have a good story line. By part 2 and 3 it was more redundant Shia LaBeouf screening and stuttering. Getting rid of his character was a good call. This last movie to me had a much deeper storyline and the introduction of Marky Mark was a great call. I am also glad that we didn't see half the autobots get trashed this movie. Did loose Ratchet in the movie, but his death helped fuel the storyline. My only suggestion and it may have been cut out, was that before Grimlocks and Optimuses fight is that there should have been more dialog. Instead it was Opt giving a one way speech and mindless 30sec fight.. Could have been better in that part, but over all much better then the last two and even better then the first IMHO...

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    Haven't seen the newest yet. Might see it in the theater IF it's still showing on this one particular screen that's larger than all the others and has an awesome sound setup. I always see the action movies on that screen.

    I thought the first one was solid and I enjoyed it. After that, I think each movie has been a little worse than the one before it. That's disappointing because I LOVED the Transformers cartoons growing up and had some of the toys too.
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    I thought it was a horrible movie riddled with gaping plot holes. Of course I expected nothing less and enjoyed it just fine, though I was quite disappointed we didn't get to hear "Me Grimlock say...". There was definitely not enough dinobot action.

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