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    Ripping a website
    Hi everyone, does anyone know of a program for Mac OSX that can rip/download a whole website like a pc version ive found It needs to be able to download all the elements i.e. images, styles etc. Ive tried Safari and that just creates one archive file, i need to get to the bits.


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    Just a bit curious.

    Are you trying to bypass a site's membership requirements and obtain data available only to those that paid the membership fee?

    Or did you juat find a site you like the look of and want to adapt it's coding for your own site without doing much work?


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    I don't know why he wants to rip a site, but the reason I do it is so that I can access it on the road, for example, if I am reading through a website I think is interesting, I download it so that when i am on the road such as an airplane or long car ride, I can continue to read what was reading before i left.
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    Hi, thanks for everyones replys I will give web sucker a try. To answer a question i need this because i have a client who had a site with a certain company that went bust and took all the files with it, so I have no access to the original files or ftp, so my best start is to rip whats still on the website.

    Thanks for everyones help


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