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    First, I like Van said, have seen many brands with a cover over the logo. Dell for one besides Apple.

    Second, I have seen probably more Apple products in movies than any other brand. The Net with Sandra Bullock is all Macs. Hackers is mostly Apple. I can go on all night. One more I love, Anti Trust is clearly using some apple. the interface and one notebook in the garage.
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    I totally agree...Apple's all over the place in hollywood

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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Let's not forget "Scottie" talking to a Macintosh computer in one the older Star Trek movies some years ago. ....
    LOL my favorite movie of all time...

    Scotty: Computer, hello computer..
    Manager: will have to use the keyboard..
    Scotty: How quant!

    Other best quote ever..

    McCoy: So your telling me I have to die before I can discuss life and death with you?!
    Spock: You will have to excuse me doctor, I am getting a number of distress calls.
    McCoy: I don't doubt it!

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