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    Copyright Guidelines
    I am currently working on a project to educate local staff members about prejudice, acceptance, tolerance (although that word isn't completely fitting), etc. This project is entirely non-profit, and I will receive absolutely no financial benefit to doing so.

    I am just wondering if someone could clarify...

    How far does fair use go for images and video? If I put together a video to go with a presentation, do I need permission for any video clips that go with it?

    For a printed brochure to go with it, do I need permission for every photograph that is in it (although my collection of stock photos will probably suffice).

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    Couple of things to consider.
    Using photos and video to enhance your text does not fall under the fair use section on commentary or reporting, as you are not commenting on the photo itself.

    Also, the more you use of a particular work, the less the fair use defence applies -- so using just one paragraph out of a book is more defensible than using an image in its entirety.

    Although not for profit is a consideration, an internal training piece for an organization may not be non-profit use -- the organization is gaining a real internal benefit from it even though it is not charging money.

    Remember that fair use is not a right to use something - it is a defence that can be argued in court against the charge of copyright infringement. Fair use is not a free pass. The default position is that permission should be sought and granted for everything before it is used.

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