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    May 01, 2014
    iPhone Scam the loot, craigslist. Lee Hall & Mr T Larter
    Hi all,

    I have recently been scammed and want to post this info to make others aware.

    They are posting on tons of auction type websites claiming to have 60% off due to a shop closing in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

    The emails used for these scams are:

    Names associated with these scams are LEE HALL and Mr T. LARTER, with mobile number 07974 032 659.

    Avoid it at all costs. Ive lost money to them.


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    Craigslist is filled with scammers on both the selling and buying side. As a seller, I make sure to meet people in public places and only do cash transactions. I've done a lot less transactions as a buyer, but do a lot of checking to ensure that the product is legit before giving money.

    I also only deal with local sellers/buyers..
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    Absolutely the right way to do a transaction you've just described there. Wish I'd done that instead.

    I don't consider myself to be naive, I guess I was trusting and pushed away the 'should i really be doing this' thoughts.

    I am trying to post this around forums to create as much inconvenience to these guys as possible.

    Hopefully someone will read this and keep it in mind.


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    I do a lot of buying (and some selling) on Craig's List. Lots & lots of folks running scams. Most of them are just "phishing" for personal put folks e-mail address's on their spam lists. Especially avoid deals where the price seems too good to be true...and avoid most folks that list their contact info as a gmail e-mail address (or any address other than the Craig's List "clickable" e-mail reply).

    The only way I deal with Craig's List deals is meeting folks face to face at a public a shopping mall or restaurant. This way the items can be inspected...and only use/accept cash as payment.

    A person could have a full-time job making the world aware of potential (and real) scammers on Craig's List. And doing this wouldn't slow them down one iota. They just change their names, phone numbers, and e-mail address's...and continue doing what they do.

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    Yes I agree that it is impossible to make any real impact on these scamming parasites.

    But even if this post makes one person think again about bank transfers/wiring money or realising that the price is too good to be true, or makes people aware of what to spot about scamming ad's and in turn they report it, then thats a success in my eyes.

    Here's hoping!

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