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Thread: some information about apple

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    Unhappy some information about apple

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    Quote Originally Posted by dude2001
    Excatly what are you asking?

    Most is true but all depends at how you look at it.
    Who dare's wins... :ninja:

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    Well, not really

    I'll see if I can explain.

    1. "Apple Computer has made many statements which contradict themselves, or in fact were lies. Take a look below"

    in 1995 Steve Jobs said the G4 out-performed the Pentium 4. in 2006 Apple are saying that the Intel Core Duo proccessor is more powerfull then the G4.

    thats NOT lying, its comparing different proccessors. Different proccessors are faster at doing different things, so this is a murky area anyway, traditionally the G4 performed well at number crunching, the P4 with its long instruction pipeline wasn'ty as good.

    2. "Apple computer has made efforts to maximize their profits, yet use cheap parts in their hardware, while keeping the price high. Take a look at some of the hardware they made."

    Lots of computer companies skim on parts, and lots of companies have to do recalls.

    3. "There are many misconceptions about MacOS X: that there are no viruses, that it never crashes, that it's more stable. False."

    2 Proof of concept virus on the mac vs how many millions on windows?

    the difference between a stable operating system and an unstable operating system is that on a stable system, if an application crashes the OS stays up and lets you carry on. when an unstable system has an application crash, then it goes down too.

    the crashing of an application has nothing to do with the operating system, its how the operating system responds is key.

    I really can't be bothered to go through the rest.

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    the page doesn't really load correctly for me...

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    OK, well...
    Page titled "truth about macosx"
    The reason for "force quit" has nothing to do with applications crashing. Its a quick solution to closing an application that is hung up, or a slow quitting application.

    the reason for virus protection is because of the case where someone makes a virus. Or for example.. idiots buy the protection. Its like flood insurance at the top of a mountain.

    Thats just from the one page that guy wrote. Hes just one angry kid who thinks he has a few clever words from things he has heard in the past. If it were true, I wouldn't probably use a mac. I use a mac and spend the money because I prefer them. I don't try to bash PC because its redundant it takes care of itself.

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    Well in all fairness he has some fair comments. I agree he does seem angry though. Apple is a company like any other. It will change its business ploy at times. But yes it is a monoploy but darn I love my mac so what you gona do?

    I use both widows and macs. But my passion is macs and prefernce is macs. But I require windows for my companies needs sigh.
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    Tiger is not a licensed name for OS X Tiger... uhm... yes it is... the owner gave it to Apple... duh

    and this guy, states that Intel Processors are the same now as they were 10 years ago?.. come on...!

    most of this page is filled with crap.!
    - It's like - he was got - they'd just like. It was like so hush hush. They were so... quiet about it. And then the next thing you know...

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    Nothing but an apple smear page. Filled with un-researched information and biased assumptions. Lets go through each page shall we (it's long....):

    Facts/myths: Apple didn't lie, they gave the facts that were current at the time. If you compared the G4 that was current 4 years ago with the latest intel processor, it would have achieved about 80% more performance if you took the FPU as your basis. Any company is going to make its product look better by selective info. Bottom line: It's a company.

    in courts: Most of the lawsuits are run by law firms that have an active backing by microsoft. That's business for you!

    Apple faulty hardware: shock horror! some faulty hardware and recalls. Considering how many products they make, it's not a bad track record. Atleast they are very active to repair the faults or complaints. Every hardware company has faults with the hardware. That is why their are revisions of hardware. It's just that it's bigger news from Apple because their products are much higher quality.

    Truth about... You need force quit apps because Apple cannot reasonably expect that developers are going to write programs that are fault free. Programs crash or hang and need to be quit. The false statement here though is that Macs crash as often as windows. Ask any user of a Mac how true that is and 95% will say it isn't from experience. As for virus software, if their is a demand someone will provide and the demand is created by peoples fear. Even as late, their are only 2 known malware apps for the mac, they aren't even viruses in the traditional sense of things.

    Usability: here goes, yes you can build a PC. You can also build a car, but would you want to. Reserved for geeks only or fiddlers. You can get a G5 and add a heap of extras to it if you want to.
    90% hardware for PC first is because 90% of the market is their. I am quite happy to wait 2 months for it to come out on the mac. Not in a desperate rush. As for PC hardware cheaper, I have never seen it. You get hardware that is Mac & PC compatible. They don't often make a mac version and a pc version or charge you extra at the till if you tell them that you're going to put it in a mac. As for the 10% software, again it's the 90% PC and 10% Mac but their are about 10,000 apps for the Mac. You don't need a choice of 80 different FTP programs, graphics apps, music players etc... you only need a selection of a few good ones. As for the not compatible, Safari is the only fully internet compliant browser. If developers put in code that says 'if OS = Mac then show page 'nosupport.html', then that is the fault of the developer and often a lack of testing. It's IE that has created a generation of bad web coders. As for iChat, it came out years ago and not in 2005! It is also far superior to MSN for video chat using the best compression technology for the internet H.263. The video conferencing part came out in 2003. As for hardware, it's not that rare. You only need to visit a mac store to see that. As for technitions where did that figure come from? 25% more expensive? I don't think engineers charge more if they arrive and see that you have a Mac. If they do charge more it's because they have less work since failures are less so it is less profitable.

    Price: Price is important but so is build quality. People don't complain about a BMW costing more than a ford even though they can be compared with various elements.

    Mac vs Windows: Go check in your local store for the price of Windows XP Pro. Its expensive! Much more than $120.

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    Great minds think alike... I always hated that phrase. If they all thought alike, what makes them so great?

    I rather think different and have my own GREAT mind! :headphone

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    Why would you even take time to read all that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamestuttard
    in 1995 Steve Jobs said the G4 out-performed the Pentium 4.
    Ummmm..... there was no such thing as a G4 in 1995.
    Heck, the G3 didn't even come out until almost 1998.
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    About that...

    Quote Originally Posted by Me on comment page
    Idiot. This site should be called "Macintosh Free: The Lies I made up"
    1. Look at M$s lawsuits, dumb ***.

    2. Lets compare prices, on a better site:
    Hmmm... OS X - $115 vs XP - $279

    3. Windows runs on less then 90% of the machines. More like 70%.
    4. "There are many misconceptions about MacOS X: that there are no viruses, that it never crashes, that it's more stable. False.Ē Yeah, your point? The fact is OS X has FEWER viruses, and crashes a LOT less often then Windows.

    5. Oh my! Apple lied? No. That statement was from years ago, and the fact is, it was faster then the Intel chip many years ago. BUT Intel has improved their chips, made them better; it's a dual core now as well. So actually you lied, not Apple.

    6. You call being able to get hardware for Apple computers off the **** Apple site rare?

    7. Wrong, OS X can run a **** of a lot of software the Windows can not run, and a lot that Windows can run as well.

    8. Apple behind is development? Please. Apple is killing in devolvement. Mac has had AV chat as long Windows has. You donít have to use iChatAV. If you wanted to compare the built in messengers, OS X had AV chat first.

    What are you? Some dumb *** 10 year old Windows fanboy?
    You get my point; do some more research next time. You delete my comment and you are even more of an idiot then I just proved.

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