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    Google Talk Integration Question
    Hey all, I browsed just a bit for a similar question, but didn't see one. My apologies if this is a "do-over."

    Anyway, is anyone else aware that Google is integrating Google Talk into Gmail? Well, it's supposedly still "on its way," but it's already up on my PC and has been for a couple weeks. Down here at my house, I have an iBook G4 with Mac OS X Tiger. At my parents', my mom has a Mac Mini with OS X. We both use the latest edition of Firefox (1.5 -- much improved finally!), and when she (or I) signs into Gmail, the chat is integrated! It works great!

    However, on my computer, the laptop, it won't come up no matter what I try. It's a very strange thing! Don't you think? I haven't been able to find info on this anywhere, and I'm really just incredibly curious and anxious for some theories or similar stories.

    Thanks all.

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    Well, nevermind, all. Thanks for reading the post, anyway...haha.

    Mysteriously, chat just SHOWED UP in Gmail about an hour ago. Very strange.

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