Ok, I put his here cuz its more of a eye ball question then lens question. At least I think.. LOL

Well here is my question. I have always read that ~50mm (on 35mm Full Frame) is what the human eye sees. But the human eye is tricky old fart.. We also have a huge viewing angle of about ~180 degrees. Which would be about like a 14mm fish eye. Now lets omit the angle of view here and focus more on the magnification of the human eye. Reason I bring this up was something I never really payed any attention to until I started to ponder on my next lens purchase. I have a 75-300mm lens. I am wanting the newer model that 70-300mm with image stabilizer and better lens quality. But anyway this isn't about the lens. What I noticed when playing with my older 75-300 on my T3i (600D 1.6x cropped sensor) is that 75mm was just a small touch over in magnification of what I am seeing. 70mm at 1.6x (112mm) would be dead on same focal length and 1 to 1 magnification of what I am seeing at. Yes I do where glasses, but the magnification stays the same with or without them. So is my vision really messed up or is this what everyone else is seeing at? Again this is omitting the field of view angle.