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Thread: Tax Time!

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    Tax Time!
    OK, US members..... Which tax software are you going to use to do your 2013 US taxes?

    The MAS has TurboTax available as a download. Price for the standard version is $29.99 and includes e-filing your return.

    H&R Block at Home is $19.99 for their basic version but the system requirements to use it are vague at best.

    The other tax software packages such as TaxACT are on line only for the Mac. They do not publish a download version for the Mac.

    By the way, State Tax inclusions are extra for you poor folks who live in a state that has income tax!

    Any other suggestions?

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    I have used Turbo Tax for about 20 years. It has always done a great job for me. Before I started using it I did them by hand. Take my word for it Turbo Tax is much easier.

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    2011 13" MBP 2.3ghz, 8gig ram, OS 10.8.5 is starting to be that time. My wife usually does the taxes...and I know that she keeps her eyes peeled for the deals. I think that the past couple years the best deal she has found for TurboTax was from Costco. I would say we've been using TurboTax for close to 15 years.

    Yes...we need to buy the state tax as well!

    Here's an article I found listing the top 7 DIY tax packages:

    Best Tax Software: Reviews of the Tax Preparation Software

    I'm thinking that there are the top 2-3 packages...then a distant 4-7 for the other one's in terms of popularity.

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    Pen and paper and a calculator.

    I've done it that way every year since I was 15 (about 21 yrs now). Now I'm married, have a mortgage and I deduct things like automobile registration taxes, charitable donations, etc. I'm very patient and thorough and confident when filing. About 2 or 3 yrs ago I compared my final forms to a free online software from H&R Block and the software was actually missing a nice deduction that I knew about from reading the instruction book.
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    I use TT for our taxes. My wife has a home business, so I need to get one of the upgrades for TT, but it makes it easy to get it all done once her accountant give us the breakdown.

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    I'll use Pen and Paper 1.0 as I always have.

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    We don't use any software and just use H&R Block and meet with our tax guy there for an hour with our paperwork. They file electronically and the refund is direct deposit. It's pretty painless and our guy always seems to find some extra goodie we would have missed. I dislike taxes so it's probably best that I'm as removed from the process as possible!

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