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    Question Mac cameras
    hi i was looking on ebay and i found a nice slim camera, the only problem is i dont know if it will work on my ibook, is there any way of telling that it will word, some website i can look up? 9obviously it didnt say it was compatible with mac on the box, it neglected to mention that is was or not, anoying!)

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    to my knowlage all digital camera's are compatible on the mac, I have never heard of one not being. and since you never have to install drivers for a camera even on a windows machine I am going to have to say its 99.9% gaurenteed to work on your mac.
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    You might get a definite response if you tell us the actual camera company name and model.

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    Should work know problem... as long as its USB iPhoto (whatever app you have set as your primary one) will open when you connect it.

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