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    Help with apple presentation
    Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. I have to give a presentation on how apple is changing the business environment as a group, and my part is to discuss how apple's innovations have influenced the market with the stuff like ipad/ipod/iphone and what not. Could someone perhaps point me towards the direction where I can maybe find a timeline of their products as well as sales figures of their rivals? Or just a general direction or site? Thanks in advance!

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    Shouldn't this be research that you do for whatever class you need to do the presentation for?

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    Yes it is. I am looking up the info but I was just trying to get a helping hand as it isn't turning information that is too useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awc8587 View Post
    Or just a general direction or site? Thanks in advance!
    Just about anything I would suggest or point you to...could be just as easily (and more quickly) found by you via a Google search.

    The trick to a fast & effective internet search is using the proper search terms. For example...I have found many articles in Wikipedia to be pretty useful.

    If I use the internet search term..."Mac OS History" (for example)...Wikipedia comes up with some very interesting information. But then you would get quite a few other websites as well.

    If you're looking for info relating to:

    - how apple is changing the business environment as a group
    - how apple's innovations have influenced the market
    - timeline of their products
    - sales figures of their rivals

    You need to tailor & refine your internet searches for this info. As as you find refine your search term/terms more & more until you find info you can use.

    There is certainly no single website that is going to have all this myself or someone else pointing you to 1 or 2 websites really would only be a beginning for this assignment.

    Hopefully since 3:46pm today (time of your first post)'ve been doing some internet searches on your own to find info. Now that it's 2 hours should have tons of info!

    - Nick
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