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    Sony W800i as an MP3 player
    Hello all

    I'm looking at the Sony W800i for my girlfriend. She wants a cheap mp3 player (a nano would be nice but it's not cheap) but is about to get a free upgrade for her mobile phone. So i suggested get an mp3 phone and save a few quid.

    The W800i seems to be the front-runner at the moment, being built from ground up with mp3 in mind, but how does it perform in the real world.

    Can anyone give me some hands on experiences with this phone, i'm primarily interested in:
    battery life when playing music
    computer interface(she's windows based, mostly uses win media player 10)
    How does phone interact /interrupt when mp3 is already playing


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    I have the K750i (same phone, just comes with less memory).

    It's actually not bad as an Mp3 player, sound quality is good, you can use different earbuds with it if you want and battery life is fairly decent too.

    But I also have a 30GB iPod so I haven't really tested it as a full-time replacement much.

    There are some nice little scripts and apps for OS X to sync it with iTunes if you want to go that way...

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