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    Planetary Gravitation Simulator
    Just recently back into the Mac world after a 20 some odd year hiatus. Gets me thinking back to high school. I cannot find the name of the planetary/gravitation simulation software circa 1991. We had it at our high school, so I don't imagine it was anything professional, may have been freeware or maybe even built into the OS? These were macintosh or macintosh plus, single floppy machines.

    Anybody remember the software? You could put planets around each other and create orbits etc.

    I realize it probably doesn't run on OSX, but just looking to find the software of my youth if possible.

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    I can't help you out with the older program, maybe one of our Mac Dinosaurs can chime in here and come up with an answer. However, the best Astronomy software available for the current line of Macs is called "Starry Night Pro". Rather expensive but it's the best I've ever seen. Starry Night Software

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    After seeing those prices, I'd be looking for a copy of the '91 software also.
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    If you want commercial software, Sky Safari is available on the App Store in three versions. If you want free Stellarium is a very good program.
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