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Thread: Apple not recognising ID

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    Apple not recognising ID
    Having set up my e-mail address as a rescue address for my wife's iPad I was sent an e-mail by Apple which required me to verify my Apple ID. I have tried to do this several times. If I go onto the Apple site (both US & UK) I can log in without difficulty. How can this be?

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    Verify your Apple ID or hers?

    How did you setup the rescue email

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    ?? - don't understand what the problem is.

    Rescue address for wife's iPad? You mean for "her" Apple ID?
    If that's the case, when you click on the verify link in the email that was sent - you need to be logging in to "her" Apple ID account - not yours - to verify the email be attached to her ID.
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    Sounds like you also need to figure out which iTunes store the account is connected to. You can use an Apple ID to log into a *support forum* worldwide, but for *the iTunes Store* you can tie an Apple ID only to one particular country's store.

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