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    OS X Support/Server Essentials Exams

    My goal is to gain ACTC.

    Due to financial reasons I cant get a new MacBook Pro till Oct/Nov this year. I currently only have a Mid 2007 MacBook so cant run Mountain Lion to go through the Peachpit ML OS X Support & Sever Essentials books in preparation for the exams.

    I was also thinking that by the time I can afford a new Macbook in a couple months OS X Mavericks will hopefully be out and I could skip ML and do the Maverick OS Support/Server Essentials.

    Will working through the OS X Support/Server Essentials for Lion on my old Macbook be beneficial for me in preparation for when I eventually get to the ML/Mavericks Support/Server Essentials? I know there will be differences but would it help?

    How long after the release of a new OS does it usually take Peachpit to release the Support/Server books? How long will it take to release the OS X Mavericks books?

    Basically, I want to get on studying now and not have to wait until I get a new MacBook.

    Hopefully someone who is certified or anyone for that matter is out there can advise me and confirm I'm on the right track.

    I have researched the paid courses and there is now way I can afford them so please only advise on self-study. Maybe other websites etc?

    I'm in the UK. Many thanks for reading


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    I dont know how long it will take to update the book, and I hope mavericks will not be too different from Mountain Lion server.

    But these videos should help you prep up, and I am sure the author will be releasing a set on osx server 10.9 ahead of any publisher

    Mountain Lion Server pt 1: Upgrade From Lion Server - YouTube
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    Thank you for that. I'll add those to my toolkit.


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