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Thread: Powerbook or Mac ProBook

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    Powerbook or MacBook Pro
    I am looking at getting a 12in powerbook. My question is does anybody have any suggestions on if it's worth the wait to see if they come out with a 12in Macbook pro.


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    Depends on what you are going to do with it and how badly you need one. Also there is no such thing as a Probook.

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    Just as Tech said, will you be performing activities that the MacBook will give you a large advantage at? It may not be truly necessary. Yes, the MacBooks extra speed I guess is advantageous, but nothing I have ever done has every slowed down my PB. But yes, the powercord and iSight are extremely attractive.

    Secondly is the urgency factor. This is self explanatory and will probably be the deciding factor. Good luck with whatever you do, you will not be dissapointed either way.

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