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    So if you read what experts say we are approaching the post-pc era. In this new time computer users will access their adobe, auto cad, office type products etc via the web. I can only assume that this will catch on because Google, Microsoft, Adobe etc will offer cheaper prices starting out and people will be able to spend less on their computer making the initial investment much lower. I do not have heavy computing needs, I do research and like to open many browser tabs and run multiple programs on two monitors. A little much for my mbp but not terrible. I am against the new computing age. I don't like the idea of having an underpowered chromebook style computer. I guess I'm old-fashioned, I want a badass computer and to own my own content. Anyone else with me? I wish for a new mac pro even though the need for it may be non-existent in two years.

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    I'm still unconvinced. They've been claiming thin-client for years now

    Now, most people (content consumers) will be more than happy to work this way. I highly doubt that content generators will anytime soon. I know that I could not work with this type of environment, there's no way I could use a netbook.

    Oh, and I highly doubt that total cost of ownership will be cheaper. It'll be higher in the long run, but you'll always have the latest version (Adobe already offers this as an option btw)
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    I get what you mean but the current trend has been coming for a while. Oracle's Larry Ellison has been mentioning this as a coming trend forbears. Oracle's Larry Ellison talks about the future of tech and Silicon Valley -

    IN some ways users with light computing needs are just the kinds of folks the cloud computing ides is geared toward. They atr primarily doing web surfing (whether for pleasure or research) and e-mail. The idea is that not only could you be highly mobile but you don't have to worry about where / how to access your documents. Your provider's software could handle that.

    There are of course numerous problems. Including but not limited to the following:
    1. In that model without connectivity you get little or nothing done because few files are stored locally.
    2. One proposed bonus is that you would not have to actually own packages such as Photoshop which are expensive to purchase/upgrade. The problem is you are at the mercy of when the provider wants to upgrade.
    3. I suspect savings in software costs would be eaten up through the cost of the ever escalating need for bandwidth.
    4. Dinosaurs such as myself who just can't shake the need to have files locally.

    Apparently I am channeling Dys today. Got to be more concise.

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