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    Lightbulb Now I Know Why I Switched
    So here's the story:

    A buddy of mine brings over his Gateway all-in-one computer (physical equivalent to an iMac if there is one). He turns it on, "Non-System Error." Tries to get to the bios, no luck. Randomly puts in a music CD, and would you know that the **** thing took it as a boot disc!?!?!? XP started right up!!

    There you have it. Windows will boot, like the joke it is, with a music CD! Obviously this is an isolated case, but it proves my theory that the year of my birth, 1984, led to the world of Macintosh for a save me from the humility of that which they call, "Windows."

    Enjoy all!

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    Did you have to remove a CD from the drive to put the music CD in?

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    It really sounds like it was set to boot from the floppy drive and there was a non bootable floppy in the drive. A Non bootable CD has never done that with any system I have worked with. I just had that the other night with the same message. Someone put a floppy in the drive and never took it out.

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