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Thread: Changing from BT broadband

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    Feb 19, 2012
    Changing from BT broadband
    Hi BT broadband is getting to expensive for me to use. I have looked at all the sites but what is the best value for money. They all sound great but what service and reliability do you get any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    Don't know about there in the U.K, but here in the U.S. the availability of broadband has to do with where you live. Typically there are only 2 or 3, maybe 4 options for service here. And, since this forum is global, it's gong to be a little hard for anyone to make recommendations, without you supplying the info of what providers you have available.

    Even within the same city in many cases - mine being a prime example, the same list of providers are not available in all areas.
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    Thanks for the reply bobtomay but I was hoping to get some answers from the UK no offence but they will know what providers are available, and more to the point which site is reliable.

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    have you tried one of the comparison sites such as Broadband Finder - Review & Compare Over 100 Broadband Deals Online!

    they list broadband available for your postcode and there are user reviews available.

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    Well, I've not changed my provider in a long time. They started out as Pipex, got bought out by Tiscali who were in turn 'assimilated' by Talk Talk. BT maybe look expensive because the line rental will be rolled into it and there is no room for you to manoeuvre.

    Some of the competition will migrate the rental over and provide it at a cheaper cost on paper but beware as you may get locked in. A big prize for the market is the line rental because it's a no-brainer inertia revenue stream.

    I just didn't see any point in changing as I need a static IP and there weren't many out there at the time that would provide one. It's been extremely reliable, is unlimited and the support is in India (so what's new?) but of good quality.

    Don't expect support by email though..they like you to call to rack up revenue on the premium rate number.

    Many of the problems people experience are because providers ship basic single band commodity combo modem/ routers which seem to be locked down for their convenience rather than yours so insist on a dual band one or provide your own.

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    If you can get it, I can't fault Virgin to be honest. Some people seem to have had issues, but personally I haven't. Super fast too if you go for the 120mb service.....
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