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    Panthers Desktop picture changing
    Ok, now Im not sure about the rest of you but when ever i want to change my desktop picture to one of my images in my huge image file, it lags like a beast and takes like 5min or so to load all the pics if i even let it get that far before saying screw it and leaving it.

    Now in jaguar the folder hasn't changed, and it would load all the pictures just fine with out the aid of the stupid beach ball.

    Sigh* im hoping for apples sake that its just me with this problem.

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    Well, I don't have that many of my own images yet, due to this being a brand new mac, but it seems to be instintaneously for me. I don't know man. It's probably some wierd somethingn or another...though I haven't found that to be very present in mac since I've been using them this past year or so.

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    i made a folder with about 100 megs of images, set the destop images to that folder, and i did notice about 8 seconds of time to load the screen..

    i would say the issue is that, when your opening the screen to choose your destop image, its taking all of those images and throwing them in memory... so when you scroll across the bar on the bottom, it shows the pictures...

    just my thoughts.... i dont know too much into how it would be working

    ....then i thought to myself... you probably have a crap load of images =P....

    so i increased the folder size to about 2,000 images...if you have more than that, i hope you lag! lol (about 400 megs of pics)....oddly enough, i only got lag the very first time i did it... after that, it immediatly opened, but then the images took another second or 2

    although, my G5 sounded like it was going to take off after stressing it as much as i could.... lol its quite a sound to hear

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