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Thread: Remote Administration Exploits - Interesting Article

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    Remote Administration Exploits - Interesting Article
    I had no idea how widespread this "hacker" community has become, but something to be aware of, particularly if you're using a Windows machine equipped with a webcam:

    Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams | Ars Technica
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    If the number of videos on Youtube are any indication, it seems to pretty widespread and from what I an tell the "hackers" seem to be kids doing pranks, but as the article states it's just as easy for the "hacker" to do something a lot more malicious..

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    I read that article too (I love Ars) and was amazed at the ease with which these individuals could gain access. The video attached to the article really drove home the point.

    What's interesting is the ease with which this can be accomplished on a machine that isn't adequately protected. For example, in Python, you can write an XMLRPC server in ~ 10 lines of code and a client in ~ 5 lines which can easily execute something on a remote machine. This would be cross platform as well and as long as the specified XMLRPC port was open, this would be a rather trivial exercise.

    I was interested in trying it myself with a Windows VM but I have a healthy fear of CSIS coming to my door if they see "how to setup a remote administration tool + ratting + hacking" in my search patterns.
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