Happy Belated Birthday Macintosh!

Okay, I am two days late, but there you go! :0)


Quite an interesting article on some of what was the press-release at the time - this part made me chuckle.

The basic Macintosh package will have a suggested retail price of $2,495 and will include the main unit, keyboard and a mouse. The package also comes with an accessory box that contains the system disk; "A Guided Tour of Macintosh," a learning disk and cassette tape; a blank disk; a power cord; an owner's manual; and a programmer's switch.

A host of peripherals and accessories will be available for the Macintosh computer from Apple and will have suggested retail prices as follows:

-Imagewriter printer $595 ($495 if purchased with Macintosh)
-Numeric Keypad $129
-Modem 300 $225
-Modem 1200 $495
-Carrying Case $99
-3 1/2-inch disk box (10 disks) $49
-MacWrite/MacPaint $195 (included free with each Macintosh during the introductory period)
-External Drive $495