Hi all. Well I only discovered this site about one week ago and I'm having great fun here so far. Seems like a good place to help a few people out, have a good banter and debate with a few people who have an existing or growing fondness for macs.

Anyway, my post is about this: A post made in the switchers hangout got me thinking about responses to people who put you down about your mac. Here is the link to the post called 'I'm So Mad:mac haters '.

I remember when I first got my mac, and being new to it and having spent all that money, I had to justify my purchase to people even though I still wasn't sure it was the right choice (having persisted I now know it was).

Sometimes it is hard to know how to justify it, and in the case of this guys post, his response to the guy was a bit abrubt: shutting down the machine and saying 'you don't have to use it'. Given that the guy wasn't prepaired, I fully understand his defensive and quick response. I'd have probably done the same, but their are better ways to respond that can leave you in a more positive light.

So here I propose the first of hopefully a string of potential ready responses to back up your claim to making the right choice.

Stinging remark: Why are you using that crap! Windows is the best.

Flash-back response: Laughs out loud...yeah whatever... fool(said under-the-breath but still audible).

Intent to belittle the guy back, in the knowledge that he is wrong while still letting him use the Mac to give him/her a taster.