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    For anyone out there that happens to like blues and might by chance be listening to my podcast of Blues In The Night, just a short note to notify you that podcast 18 which will be uploaded this Friday will be the last one for a little while.

    I am leaving Saturday morning on a house hunting trip in the midwest and will be gone at least 1 week, possibly 2 depending on what happens. I should be back home by Feburary 6th with a new podcast up so don't give up on it. Besides, if you missed a podcast or two it will give you a chance to catch up...(G)

    Blues in the night normally runs a podcast for 3 days and post a new one on the 4th day. Podcast available on the iTunes Music Store Podcast department under Blues In The Night. For those who like direct access it is availabe from the server at:

    Keepin those blues alive...
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    Hi James,
    I'm Frank from Taiwan. Blues is my favorite music genre. I'm excited to know there is a blues show in the podcast world. Thank you for keeping the blues alive.

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