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    Unhappy BSkyB provides Broadband TV but only VIA WMP10 - Sky Response
    Hi, I live in the UK and BSkyB is a big satellite operator here and is in about 10 million homes accross the country. Recently, they have begun providing TV and movie shows over the internet for its users. Infact, it was launched on the same day (I think) as Microsoft announced that they had a partnership with them. Well, suprise suprise, the 'Sky by Broadband' as they call it, only works with Windows Media Player 10 in Windows XP. So I wrote an email to them asking why they didn't go multi-platform using something like Quicktime or RealMedia. This is the Response:


    Dear John

    Thank you for your email regarding the operating system for Sky by Broadband.

    I can confirm that Sky have selected Windows XP as the operating system of choice to launch this new service. Taking into account the features of Sky by broadband, we feel that Windows XP best meets the needs and expectations of our customers, particularly when watching videos on your PC.

    I can confirm that there are no firm plans to expand compatibility to other operating system at this time. However, we will always consider customer feedback in our plans to enhance the product in the future.

    I am sorry that my response was not more positive and thank you for your interest in Sky by Broadband.

    Should you require further assistance, please contact me on the above email address or contact Sky by Broadband customer services on 0870 609 4508.

    Kind Regards

    Tracy Dorrian
    Sky by Broadband

    Is their not a way that the customer can force the hand of a business in choosing a delivery platform that is also multi-platform? I mean, this continues to happen constantly in that MS heavy hands everyone to having to use its own products. Why can't the customer fight back for once and demand that businesses act in the best interests of its clients and not of other larger businesses? What is it that MS has offered to them? A discount on media delivery?

    Let me know your thougts and if their is anything that we can do.

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    Haha this means pc users are gonna be able to stream and download live tv then they can cut out their favourite tv shows and send them or sell them to people, aaah sky what a way to promote piracy...
    Back with the mac!

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    Actually they won't as it has windows DRM.

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    :cool: If you go to there is an interesting little piece on Sky by Broadband. They've evidently had to suspend the service & guess who has caused it. :biohazard
    We may miss out on a lot of stuff but I for one will never sucumb to windows. I agree with you that microsoft is forced on us. My sat nav requires windows to up date it, same with my mobile phone. One web site even had the cheek to tell me to upgrade to Windows!! Admittedly I did get an appology when I pointed out that to switch to Windows would be a downgrade. Perhaps we should somehow lobby the government. :mac:

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    Quote Originally Posted by topshot
    Actually they won't as it has windows DRM.
    And we all know how unbreakable that is... :cool:

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