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    Windows Media Player is Dead, Long Live...
    ..."Windows Media Components for QuickTime."

    Microsoft has begun distributing the Flip4Mac Windows Media plugin for QuickTime. (Though in typical Microsoft fashion, their version is slightly out-of-date; the current version fixes some problems with the QuickTime 7.0.4.)

    It seems this will be replacing the unreliable (and difficult to remove) Windows Media Player for OS X in the future.

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    Yea, the first version of their release was horrible. It crashed QT and Safari after every play. This version seems better and I'm thrilled to be rid of WMV for Mac.

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    Can it work with DRM content though.
    I hate it how if you use any MS software you also have to use everyother piece of thier software. They should be made to make their software cross-platform. Their are also plenty of reports of it not working with other video sites.

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