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    PDA with iTunes?

    I seem to be jumping feet first into the digital age.

    I am looking to get myself a PDA. I'm guessing that Palm would be the most compatible with my Mac?

    Here's what I would like the PDA to be able to do. Normal calendar, address book type things. The ability to store photos and play music would be great too. Bluetooth would be a plus.

    Are there PDAs that are compatible with iTunes?

    Also, does anyone know if I have to us Palm's software for the calendar, or can I use iCal?

    I don't need web browsing, or a camera, etc.

    Thanks! - Jeremy
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    I don't think there are any PDAs, or non-iPod MP3 players which are compatible with iTunes directly, however I guess you could rip CDs in iTunes in a format which your PDA could read and copy them over, which is hardly convenient. If you bought music via iTunes there's no way you'd be able to (legally) play it on a PDA.

    I don't know about the other question I'm afraid.

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    It is possible to sync iTunes with your PDA, but you need aditional software (check links below). But, if you have bought musc from iTunes Store, you won't be able to play them in your PDA, not legally or ilegally.
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    Yes, you can sync your palm with ical and address book.

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