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    Question Online site for storing a list?
    I'm thinking of creating a list of films to remind myself of ones I want to see or get, so I don't forget about them. At first I was thinking of just creating a Word file and adding to it as I think of movies, but I can see that being a pain to add to it at home, save it, email it to myself so I'll have it at work, add to it there, etc. etc. Basically, I'd like to have quick access to such a file from both work and home.

    So my question is, is there any free online venue that would allow me to access something along the lines of a simple text or HTML file, add to it, and save it for later use? The only thing I can really think of would be something like Yahoo Briefcase and literally downloading the file, updating, and reuploading it every time I make a change– but surely there's some site that would have an instantly accessible list that doesn't have to be constantly down/uploaded?


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    Set up an account and when you think of something that you want, post a link to it on the page which will always be up-to-date
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