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    I am looking at an iMac to learn video editing and movie making on.

    I will probably be buying the iMac in 4 to 6 months. However I don’t know a lot about computers, and never had a Mac so I need some help on what books to get.

    The areas that I need books for are:
    1. Final Cut (video editing)
    2. Mac/ computers in general
    3. Macs OS
    4. Any thing else that might be useful to me


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    a few that may be of interest,
    -mac osx tiger edition; the missing manual by david pogue
    this is a good one, you can't really go wrong, it's very comprehensive. definately check this out if your new to osx.

    -mac osx tiger; timesaving technicques / for dummies (series)
    this one is fairly good, you learn little tips and tricks nothing earth shattering but worth thumbing through.

    -mastering mac osx v10.4 tiger
    this one kinda of reiterates what the other two say and also delves into some more technical aspects of osx

    sorry can't comment on anything for final cut.

    for mac's in general i'd check out
    -the cult of mac by leander kahney

    - imoviehd & idvd5 for mac osx / (visual quickstart guide)
    i use this as a reference when i'm making my dvds.

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    It may be best if you have absolutely no experience at movie making/editing that you look at iMovie, which ships free as part of the iLife software. There are plenty of books on iLife and they do an excellent job. Final Cut is really hardcore stuff and may be worth the purchase later down the line when you have got to grips with your mac and movie making.

    All the info on iLife can be found on apples webpage...
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    Thanks for the replies. I will defiantly look at the books.
    I will also start with iMovie for editing.


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    I'll vouch for the Missing Manual for Tiger. I had originally bought the Leo Laporte book, he was decent on TechTV it seemed and was a macphile, but it was geared more for the übernoob and just seemed to be missing a lot of info. Other good books are the O'Reilly series as well. They have many books on Mac. Everything from Unix commands to .Mac. Anyhoo just me blabbering on. :p
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