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    New Intel Imac- Old One
    Ok, I Have the Imac G5 thats is NOT the Intel version that just came out. Its PowerPC G5, 150gb hardrive, and a gig of ram. I have no problems with this computer, and it runs really fast.

    My question is should I sell this iMacG5 and get the new one. I figure if I am to do this, now would eb the best time because the resale value would be pretty good. I looked on Ebay, and some people are selling their iMacs for pretty much 1200$ which is enough to buy a new one... I would most likely lose some money in this deal, but do you guys think that it is worth it???

    The other question is that should I get the New iMac??? or.... should I get the New MacBook. I realize the new Imac will be more powerful, but by how much, if I want to have a powerful machine for the next few years willl the Macbook be enough or is it safer to have the iMac


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    i say gor for the mac-power-note-book-thingy. I like laptops

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    Why would you really want to upgrade something that you have only just bought? Think about it carefully, do you actually need the new version or is your current set up more than sufficient?

    IMHO it would be better to use the system you have just invested your money in and upgrade when you need to, by which time something more super duper will be out

    If you play the upgrade-everytime-a-new-release game, you will end up losing out and also not getting true use out of the machines you have bought.

    Of course it is your hard earned money, and only you can make the decision at the end of the day
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    Put it up for sale, if someone is willing to pay enough for it that it would make the cost of upgrading reasonable, go for it.

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