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Thread: Watching the Mac Expo/ Keynote Adress

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    Watching the Mac Expo/ Keynote Adress
    How can i watch the Mac Expo/ Keynote Adress?
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    You get it here:

    But I'm not having lots of success watching it now. It lags here and there, then at times like crazy. Everyone is watching it all over the world now. :cool:

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    Managed to watch most of it without problems. It was interesting enough and I enjoyed the iLife demo.

    However having read what was new; there wasn't much in the way of surprises! :flower:


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    can anyone provide a download like last year?
    pretty please!

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    that will follow, probablly within next few days..
    Just the road and my MBP.. wohoo.. No wireless networks - DOH! Oh well, wheres my ipod! :headphone

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