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Thread: Building a G5

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    Building a G5
    Does anyone, not necessarily here in this forum but in general, build G5s from scratch, or is that an impossible feat to accomplish? Or do most people buy a G5 and then just upgrade the RAM, HD, VC, etc.? I'm wondering if I should have one put together or buy a lesser powered one and then upgrade.


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    I would imagine that most people on here would just buy and upgrade, maybe check the power mac thread but welcome to MF.
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    You can't buy Apple parts and then build it all together from scratch, like you can for a PC...
    Apple has a very strict policy for spare parts, the only way to get them is over a Apple certified service center, and then only if you have the old, defect parts to send in, in exchange.
    And prices of Apple spare parts are at a level where it really makes no sense at all to build it all from scratch, as you would end at twice the price of a new one.
    All you can do is add memory, change drives (voids warranty on some Macs) upgrade the CPU (through 3rd party, like Sonnet) of an older PowerMac or add PCI cards in a Powermac.

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    it would be insanely expensive to build one by yourself

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    If you already had the old one, then it would be worth the upgrade.
    But to go out and buy an old, used one, then spend the money on the plethora of upgrade parts.... that would not be worth it.

    If you really want a Mac, then just save up a little more scratch and just buy a new one.
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