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    Car Question
    I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to install a remote starter on a car with a manual transmission?

    I assume I'd have to always leave it in neutral, so the car didn't jump when started, but typically the clutch needs to be depressed to start the car.

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    I believe it is possible... I don't see why it wouldn't be..

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    Yes, it is possible. I remember hearing about someone that had it, they had to 'arm' it before they left their car or it wouldn't work. I think it did that as sort of a reminder to not leave it in gear.

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    Yes you can do that. It's a risk, since this method will always start the car regardless of the gear (no two ways around it as far as I know). You have to bypass the clutch position sensor so that the computer thinks the clutch is always depressed. It's been done before, but I've also had a friend launch his Prelude through his garage door

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