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    HELP! Problems transferring data from G4 to G5
    I'd be really grateful if someone out there can throw any light on what might be happening at this end. I am just upgrading from my old G4 to a G5 iMac. With information to transfer I thought this would be easy to do automatically with the Set-up assistant. Instructions say to restart holding down the 'T' key until the firewire icon appears (after making sure I had the correct firewire cable connecting).
    However, nothing happens at this point. I read a firmware upgrade might be needed but this turned out not to be the case.
    The old G4 400 (PCI Graphics) originally had a 10Gb hard drive. I had 40Gb hard drive put in to replace it. There are two icons on my desktop but the old 10Gb one is only used as a cache for Photoshop (I don't know if this is at all relevant).
    So I'm currently facing the daunting prospect of trying to manually move all my applications/files etc and am hoping that someone out there may have managed to work this problem out/has the answer. Apple technical support didn't come up with a solution. Any ideas folks?

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    Does the G5 have 2 drives in it? If not, you could simply take the drive out of the G4 and stick it in the G5 as the slave drive. Then you could just pull everything across from the old drive to the new. When your done you could reformat the old drive and use it as a spare in the G5 even.

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