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    g5 iMac
    Im watching a G5 imac on ebay and he hasnt listed the full spec so could anybody tell me whether the last G5 (one without frontrow) had as standard on the 17" version?

    I am really interested in knowing standard HD size, whether SD was optional and whether the ram was at 512mb as standard..

    Thanks for your assistance
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    Introduced in May 2005, the iMac G5 (Mid 2005) was a modest improvement in speed and features over the original iMac G5. Airport Extreme and Bluetooth were now standard on all models, along with 512 MB of RAM, considered the minimum for smooth operation under Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. It was initially available in three configurations: 17" LCD/1.8 GHz/160 GB hard drive/Combo drive/$1299, 17" LCD/2.0 GHz/160 GB hard drive/SuperDrive/$1499, and 20" LCD/2.0 GHz/250 GB hard drive/SuperDrive/$1799.
    You're better off pming the seller, as there is not only the usual customization, plus the two base models.
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