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Thread: What a deal?

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    What a deal?
    Does anyone else agree that i got a good deal on this item on ebay?
    Item on Ebay I was just looking to upgrade my OS but saw this and thought it would be a good idea since my HD is only 10GB.I know its a pretty big job to replace the HD but i have a step by step. heres the link if i don't change it my self i think it will still b a deal if i take it to a certified place. what do you guys think? :biohazard

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    Great deal! What are you putting it in?

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    i saw that a few days ago, i still think thats an awsome deal....expecially if you need a spare hdd

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    I'm putting it in my 12" ibook 500 mhz i only have the onboard 128 megs of ram but i won an auction for a 256 chip.(i was hoping to loose to buy the 512 chip). i think i'll be ok with the 384 megs of ram though.

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