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    Red face intel powerbooks - software compatability
    Is it true that the new Intel Apples will not be fully compatible with most current OS X software and will need to emulate it?

    I am really on the fence right now about buying a new powerbook. Part of me just wants to get a 12" powerbook -- they are really nice and small and will do what I need. But another part of me wants to wait until atleast Jan. 9th to see what Apple has up it's sleeves. The problem is that if I don't like the new notebooks and they stop selling the 12" PB I am screwed!

    I am wary of being a first adopter of Apple hardware. And if it's true that apps won't be completely backwards compatible.. well that means I won't be able to use the tons of good apps I have saved up on my Mini with the PB and it means no Starcraft or UnrealTournament!


    If I buy a PB on the Apple website on Jan 8th, could I hypothetically cancel my order the next day if I wanted to?

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    That will get you started.

    Plus has quite a lot of info in the development sections that isn't too technical to grasp.


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    Oh sorry I didn't see that thread >_<

    Thanks lil!

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