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    Hd Dvd
    I'm starting to wonder who's going to win the format war, Blu-Ray or HD DVD?

    I know that Microsoft is supporting HD DVD, and even uses it for its 360 games, correct? And now, HP has dropped its exclusive support of the Blu-Ray format. Read This Blu-Ray has always seemed liek the better technology to me, but I'm starting to wonder if it can beat out Microsoft and HD DVD. What if Microsoft chooses to offer its OS exclusively in HD DVD format? That pretty much binds every major PC manufacturer to HD DVD if they want to run Windows. The only work around for them would be Linux, or illegal OSx86, unless someone built a device that would read/write in both HD DVD and Blu-Ray, but I dont see that happening.

    What does everyone think?

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    I dont know much about the blu-ray or hd dvd, but I do know there is a program out there now that will let you take all the info from a xbox 360 disk. They dont have a way to burn the disks yet, but they can take all the info off of them. So I guess if there was a hd dvd with just music or a movie, somebody will be able to get the info off of it and spread it around.

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