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Thread: 1394 connection

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    Angry 1394 connection
    Recently my friend running Windows XP wanted to give me some files, he has a 1394 connection or otherwise known as firewire connection. Problem is that we cannot do anything. I have turned on file sharing and windows sharing, but I cannot see him, and his 1394 reconizes that something is there, but it cannot do anything. To make matters worse, I was able to successfully do it one time before and now I cannot do it. How do I solve these problems:
    - Me, the Mac OS 10.4.2 user being able to reconize and add files to Windows XP.
    - My friend, the Windows XP user being able to recognize and add files to Mac.
    Also I was able to leech off of his internet connection via firewire, but I cannot receive files. Target Disk Mode does not help the situation either, or as far as I can tell. Both firewalls are off also.
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    Not sure about the Windows half, but there are instructions for IP over FireWire are in Mac Help. You might have to specify an IP address manually.

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