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    Using Applescript with iPhoto and .Mac
    Is there a way to use an applescript to do the following:

    1. Automatically import photos (.jpg, .raw) into iPhoto Libraries when they are placed in the Pictures folder of my home drive.

    2. Then, when an internet connection is available, syncronise the iPhoto library on my laptop to my .mac idrive and therefore make them available to my home mac.

    I realise it is possible to do all of these tasks manually but feel that using an Applescript to automate this would better.

    Any advice, tips, other resources are greatly appreciated.

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    what operating system are u running? 10.3 or 10.4?

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    Os X 10.4

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    Then check out automator - you should be able to do this using that:
    Basically it lets you drag and drop actions (import images, copy to folder etc.) in sequence to automate repetitive tasks...
    Should be in your application folder (the little robot guy).

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