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    PS3 Question
    I heard a while back that sony was releasing the PS3 as a full computer with a full OS. I also heard that Tiger was one of the OSs they were considering. Did they ever decided which OS they are going to use? If not my guess is it will be some flavour of linux, what do you think it will be?

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    You heard wrong. The PS3 will be a game console capable of playing DVD's in addition to gaming. There may be development kits released like they did with the PS2 for a higher price, the PS2 dev kit came with Linux. So, if you are thinking it will be similar to a desktop computer then I wouldn't throw my current desktop computer away unless all you do is play games on it.
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    Sony will also use Blu-ray (Next Generation DVD/Movies) on PS3...not a fan but my only reason why I want it...!!!

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