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    Oprah was giving away video iPods

    Did anyone see Oprah giving away video iPods. This item was featured on Oprah's annual "Favorite Things" show. Those women (mostly) were going nuts! I wish I was in that audience!

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    Isn't Oprah now just an advertising agency that sells books, Pontiacs, and other stuff to female audiences?

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    No. Oprah, as big as she is of course is going to get maddcore flak. But she is an honest to good person, and gives from the good of her heart. Often times she empties her pockets for people, and bends over backwards. I don't find any point in her show and will never watch it, but I wouldn't attack her. Also, no attack will be necessary. This is about Ipods, NO OPRAH. so stay on topic guys.

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