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    Angry SonyBMG’s DRM mess
    As far as Sony BMG's big DRM mess right now, does anyone know how these files affect a Mac? I too recently bought the U.S. version of Imogen Heap’s “Speak for Yourself (good artist, bad label). I had no trouble playing the CD and copying it to iTunes, but, stupid me, I installed the app on the CD thinking it was enhanced content (like her Frou Frou CD had). Well, now I know it’s not. Should I be concerned about getting these files off my computer? Is there a good way to do it without resorting to an OS reinstall?

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    Nope no effect on a mac at all
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    Actually if you read the link he supplied, he's wondering about the version of this that contains a rootkit for macs too.

    I would check to see if you have any of the mentioned kernel extensions and maybe fill out that form that sony has posted somewhere requesting assistance.

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    It does affect macs....
    Taken from "MacInTouch"

    Darren Dittrich followed up on the discovery that Sony was playing a dirty trick on its customers, secretly installing a malware-style "root kit" on their computers via audio CDs:

    I recently purchased Imogen Heap's new CD (Speak for Yourself), an RCA Victor release, but with distribution credited to Sony/BMG. Reading recent reports of a Sony rootkit, I decided to poke around. In addition to the standard volume for AIFF files, there's a smaller extra partition for "enhanced" content. I was surprised to find a "" Mac application in addition to the expected Windows-related files. Running this app brings up a long legal agreement, clicking Continue prompts you for your username/password (uh-oh!), and then promptly exits. Digging around a bit, I find that actually installs 2 files: PhoenixNub1.kext and PhoenixNub12.kext.
    Personally, I'm not a big fan of anyone installing kernel extensions on my Mac. In Sony's defense, upon closer reading of the EULA, they essentially tell you that they will be installing software. Also, this is apparently not the same technology used in the recent Windows rootkits (made by XCP), but rather a DRM codebase developed by SunnComm, who promotes their Mac-aware DRM technology on their site.

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