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    stolen mac mini
    I done a quick search didnt fine anything, is there a way to report a mac mini that got stollen from me to apple?? so that if they get it in for service or something they will hold it or at least not give it back to the guy who stole it from me??

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    Applecare (if you have it) doesn't cover stolen equipment There's something called Lapcop but I don't know if it'll help after the fact. check this out if you have all your information.

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    Does a Mac Mini have a unique serial number on it? I don't remember seeing one on mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameis
    Does a Mac Mini have a unique serial number on it? I don't remember seeing one on mine.

    All Macintosh computers have a unique serial number on them, as do the display's and printers that apple makes (or made in the case of the printer). The serial number for your mac mini is on the bottom of it. (and yes it is very small.)

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    To find the serial number of any Mac, just click the apple, and about this mac.
    Then, where it says version (such as 10.4.2), click on that and it will show you the build number, then click on that and it will show you your serial number.
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    Also it has a unique mac address.
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    if you registered it with apple they should have a record of you and the serial number of the mac mini.

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