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    What should i get.
    I recently sold alot of stuff
    and have $ to spend

    i sold my ipod mini
    and broke my cell phone recently

    i have a budget of $500 and i saved the rest
    i cant decide what to purchase

    i use t-mobile

    so i need a phone

    and currently i am looking at the

    Sony Ericsson w800
    Samsung e635
    Audiovpx smt 5600

    if i get the w800 it is an all in one phone (mp3, 2 mp camera, etc)

    but if i get the e635
    i can get the video ipod

    i cant make a desicion
    do i really need a video ipod?
    is the w800 worth $500?
    are there any other phones out there that are good and affordable?

    what phone should i get, or combo with an ipod
    or is there a better mp3 player
    what do you think

    im extremly indesisive

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    i would get the e635 and a video ipod instead of the s.e w800.
    I think that having a phone with all these functions is an overkill.
    You might end up with low battery after you have listened to all your music. You'll be using your phone as a player rather than a calling device.

    Having a video ipod can let you store your music and data. This is the main purpose rather than really wtching a video on it.

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    How about the Audiovox SMT5600
    it is windows mobile 2003
    Do you think it is worth it
    I would like to have good scheduling and PIM features
    You think the iPod with its outlook syncing will do the trick

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    Sony Ericsson W800i is good... but get the K750/D750 instead... its the same phone =P

    trust me... i know... i work in a danish cell phone store
    - It's like - he was got - they'd just like. It was like so hush hush. They were so... quiet about it. And then the next thing you know...

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