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    I was having some fun wasting time fiddling with folder actions, and in the name of reinventing the wheel came up with invisible, clickable targets on the desktop that restart and shut down the machine.

    I attached a restart AppleScript to a folder and a shutdown AppleScript to another, and used Grab to paste two small screenshots on the folders. Then I placed the folders, their names changed to spaces, directly on top of the places I had taken the screenshots. The AppleScripts include the commands to close the folders before restarting or shutting down the computer.

    This is a pic taken when the folders are visible:

    This pic shows the final result:

    The downside: Changing the desktop picture has become very complicated.

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    definately different

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brown Study
    The downside: Changing the desktop picture has become very complicated.
    LOL... No kidding... Very cool idea nonetheless.
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